Wedding in Thassos

Thassos is an island with a lot of fans for many reasons. Thassos has a very big coastline and most of the beaches have this white sand and many fall in love with the blue of North Aegean Sea.

Imagine your wedding day at exclusive colorful landscapes, on the seaside with the sea splashing towards your toes, in a Greek orthodox church on a high cliff top with an incredible sunset! The most luxury hotel with a lot of services and wedding celebration options is waiting to make your dream come true. It will be our pleasure to plan your wedding ceremony, reception and photography on the island of Thassos. Our wedding planning team is able to arrange all the important details for you and your guests.     

All you have to do is be in a great mood and enjoy every single moment of your wedding day, the dreamiest day of your life.

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Wedding in

  • Alexandroupolis


    A destination wedding in Alexandroupolis could be a unique experience. Alexandroupolis is a city built at a 35 km coastline and is becoming an increasingly popular solution for couples searching for something romantic and different in the region of East Macedonia and Thrace.

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  • Kavala


    Kavala is an extraordinary beautiful city. The amazing region of Kavala offers an interesting range of wedding locations such as beach spots, restaurants, hotels’ pool areas, breathtaking cliff tops, and wineries.

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  • Maronia - Komotini

    Maronia - Komotini

    Between Alexandroupolis and Komotini there is a village by the sea named Maronia. In Maronia is built an incredible four stars hotel, which is a top destination for many people from abroad. Many people combine their wedding ceremony and celebration with vacation, because it is a wonderful place to celebrate or to relax.

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  • Samothraki


    One of the two amazing islands in Northeast Greece is Samothraki. It is an island that combines the very beautiful and unique landscape of wild nature and unusual beaches. Samothraki is well-known all over the world about the thousand rivers and the waterfalls, where a small symbolic wedding can be organised among plants and waterfalls in the middle of the total green nature. For those, who would like to share their wedding moments in a different island and celebrate in a hotel or in a beach bar- restaurant would be the ideal place.

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  • Thassos


    Thassos is an island with a lot of fans for many reasons. Thassos has a very big coastline and most of the beaches have this white sand and many fall in love with the blue of North Aegean Sea.

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  • Orthodox Wedding

    Orthodox Wedding

    The Greek Orthodox wedding is performed by an Orthodox priest. The groom, the bride and the best man are the three people involved. Thebest man exchangesthe rings in the beginning of the ceremony and later the crowns of the couple.

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  • Civil Wedding

    Civil Wedding

    The most popular form of wedding ceremony abroad is the Civil Wedding. Civil weddings are performed by the mayor or by someone authorized by the mayor in an office in the town hall of the wedding location.

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  • Symbolic Wedding

    Symbolic Wedding

    More and more couples choose the symbolic wedding in Greece to say “I love you”. It is the best option for those who do not wish to wait for the documentation to be issued. It can take place in any location of your preference, just like you have imagined it to be.

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  • Vow Renewal

    Vow Renewal

    If you and your partner in life want to renew your wedding vows or you want to celebrate your anniversary, your union, your wedding, you can choose a Vow Renewal in Greece.

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  • Underwater Wedding

    Underwater Wedding

    If your dream is a super alternative ceremony,we offer the ultimate underwater wedding experience. Dive into the glistening waters of North Aegean Sea with your beloved, where you can exchange vows below the surface.

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